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Babe's Rocket Fuel
by Coffee-Geek on 

The ebb and flow of the coffee harvests over the years have had an effect on our infamous Babe's Rocket Fuel.  I'm happy to report after many tastings and much feedback, we have modified our recipe to bring back the old school profile of this coffee.  It's blonder than ever, and action packed with caffeine.


This highly leaded coffee is a customer favorite.  Boasting a smoky sweet aroma, this blend hits your palate with heavy cherry notes quickly followed with a medium earthy body.  Babe’s carries a dry citrus acidity and a roasted walnut finish.  If you prefer cream and sugar in your coffee, the sweet nature of this blend will deliver caramel overtones.

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Awaken to our blend of the Season
by Coffee-Geek on 

Our newest seasonal blend is here!  Awaken is an organic blend of Guatemala, Sumatra and Peru.  This medium roast boasts sweet floral acidity followed with heavy chocolate notes and has a smooth finish.

This coffee will be available through June.  Come purchase a pound while it's still around!

As for the Summer blend.  I've got something new and special coming... Summer is the perfect time to go lighter than ever.  I cannot wait to share more!

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Let's get this blog started
by Coffee-Geek on 

Wow!  It's comedic that I have so much to say about coffee, and yet I find myself with writers block on the numerous occasions I have tried to start this blog.  I've decided to start with a small introduction of myself, the company I work for (and call home), and my aspirations for the blog itself.

My name is Crystal, and I am the Roast Master for A'Roma Roasters in Santa Rosa, California.  I have been involved with coffee roasting at A'Roma for 11 years, and have recently returned to roasting full time.  Through my training here, a creativity developed.  Now, I have never believed myself to be creative, or artistic, or expressive; but give me some beans and a roaster, and I swear the beans start talking to me.  No, I don't actually hear voices, but there is an intuition that I cannot deny or explain that expresses through me and into the coffee.  AND that's as corny has I'm going to get.

With all of that shared, I am so blessed to have the luxury of breathing my passion of coffee into my work every day. I absolutely love what I do here and am constantly looking to offer more to our consumers.  And trust me, the consumer is more educated and conscious than ever.  In addition, the Sonoma County wine industry has pushed the average resident to develop (or even master) their palate.  Wine profiles and coffee profiles have so much in common, and the conversations I  share with our customers keep me enthusiastic and inspired.  

A'Roma Roasters is located in the heart of Rail Road Square.  It's the oldest roastery in Sonoma County, and we have chosen to allow the business to grow organically.  This means we do not, and have never, advertised.  So basically, we are the best kept secret in Santa Rosa!  You hear about us from your friends, in a news article, or you accidentally stumble upon us while you're at the West End Farmers Market.  However you find yourself here, you are welcome.  We embrace diversity among our staff and customers.  Our purpose has always been to offer a great cup of coffee and provide a safe place for you to enjoy it.  

As for the blog itself.  I hope to keep everyone informed with what's up in our coffee world.  I look forward to meeting new people from diverse coffee back grounds.  I hope to have many informative conversations about my favorite topic...COFFEE.  And I'm super open to what our consumers want to hear too.  I trust everything will unfold organically because, well, that's how things work out for us.

In closing:  I have been diligently working on a couple of coffee projects. It is my intention to preserve the long standing profiles of our blends while incorporating a few newer roasting concepts.  I am excited at the overwhelmingly positive feed back from our staff and customers.  Be on the look out for blurbs on specific coffee blends as they are posted.   In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you. What do you love about A'Roma?  What would you like to see more of?  

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A'Roma Coffee Club Memberships
by CoffeeGeek on 

A'Roma has a new and exciting program for our most loyal and wonderful customers! If you frequently purchase coffee beans, this club is for you. Currently there are two different levels of membership to choose from.  Each memberships is good for a year.

The Standard Club membership includes: one FREE pound of coffee a month,   20% off every pound of coffee purchased for a year , and a free 20 ounce coffee when purchasing any pound of coffee.

The Gold Club includes: one FREE pound of coffee a month, one FREE pound of each seasonal coffee per season, 20% off each additional coffee purchased, and 20% off all your espresso beverages.

These memberships make great Christmas gifts for the coffee lover in your life. Come on down and purchase a membership today!

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